Concentric structure

The Maitreya statue and it‘s cultural area are the center of Maidar City. Therefore the geometry of the surrounding urban structure follows the example of european towns, where a religious or secular building is dominant for the surrounding city.

Commercial / Leisure

One of the first buildings of the first construction stage will be commercial and leisure buildings at the waterside. Together with the cultural area of Maitreya statue, this is another attraction for people from Ulaanbaatar, Mogolia and even tourists from other countries.


The design of the axis, the spine between cultural area of Maitreya statue and the southern city parts will follow the example of an european boulevard.

Shared space

The inner streets of the “urban arteries” are ways with priority for pedestrians and cyclists (shared space). Small electric busses for public traffic and electric cars for individual traffic (max.20 km/h) are allowed. Electric charging stations at each street crossing will provide continues energy supply. This street-net covers the whole town and is separated from the normal street by different levels. It provides a convenient mobility and guarantees a high percentage of “green trips”.

City squares

Each district has it‘s own indentity, which is underlined by different city squares; each of them with it‘s own character.

Residential Higher density

The principle layout of a community shows higher appartment buildings along the streets and lower building with different housetypes in the inner areas.

Residential Lower density

Along the mountain sites and the green public areas lower density for residential areas with according housetypes will be provided.

Public green

The green areas surrounding the different city parts will provide leisure, recreation and sport for the districts and neighborhood communitys.


Outside the inner city there will be a roofed stadium for an audience of about 20.000 people